Types of video converters

Video converters are a special kind of software which changes the format of video from one type to another. These video converters may obtain their video sources either from the hard disk drive of the computer or laptop, or from any other external sources like cameras, TV feeds and also removable drives. Some of the software in the different types of video converters also has special editing, uploading and sharing features.

There are many types of video converters. All of them are basically meant for video conversion.

The various types of video converters are, as follows:

1) Mobile Media Converters

a) This type of video converters basically converts videos into small screen digital video format, which are meant to be played in small screens and portable media players.
b) The software used is best suited for computer based files and DVD movies which are not copy protected.
c) The software may also have a file transfer engine, which transfers the converted files to the portable devices.

2) Digital video converters

a) This type of video converters basically converts Digital Video from DVDs or from the hard disk drive into various other file formats and can also do the reverse.
b) The converter software is also equipped to optimize the videos for specific application, in which the video is meant to be used. These have the capacity to covert a video with higher resolution into a lower resolution one, for easy usage in the web. The software can also increase the resolution of a video for better DVD quality.
c) The converter software can also skip the compression and decompression in order to prevent loss of quality.

3) Scan Converters

a) This type of video converters basically converts videos stored in the hard disk drive of a computer, into video signals, which can be displayed through broadcasting devices such as televisions and VCRs.
b) These converters also convert the television feeds into digital format so that the videos can be burned in a DVD or published or archived.
c) The software is compatible with the NTSC and PAL video formats and also with interlaced and progressive videos.

While choosing a type of video converter for use, you must take care that the converter is able to process several videos at the same time and allow the features of basic editing. Be sure to choose a type of video converter that supports the file formats that you frequently use.

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